Association contre l'heure d'été double, pour la réduction des avancements de l'heure légale

Press release - 5 October 2018

A.C.H.E.D., the French association against the double summer time, which fights for France to stop being 2 hours ahead of the sun has a new president

Mrs. Laetitia MOREAU-GABARAIN takes the lead of the Association against the double summer time, for the reduction of the advancement of  legal time versus  solar time.

Laetitia is an agronomist, graduate from AgroParisTech and the daughter of Leonor Gabarain, formerly president till her recent passing. Laetitia wants to continue the fight of the association to get rid of the harmful double summer time.
Laetitia speaks fluently Spanish, Italian and English as well as French. Personally she loves the long summer evenings, but also the radiant mornings. And she knows there are too many disadvantages to these 2 hours ahead of the sun to continue having them.

Because French summer time is not a simple summer time but a doubled or double one, since France, during the so-called summer period, is not 1 hour ahead, but strikingly 2 hours ahead of the sun and  GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  French citizens endure this gap since 1976 sometimes without even being aware of its amplitude. In Europe, a similar amplitude exists only in Spain and Benelux.
Since 1983, ACHED informs about the effects of +2 versus GMT in addition to the effects of clock changes. While some effects may be positive, the association alerts on the result being undoubtedly negative: in terms of costs, health, pollution, energy consumption, carbon impact and climate.  This system implemented supposedly for a short time and in a very undemocratic way, has expanded served by narrow interests very distant from the general interest.

We must inform and stop it: the summer time is double, kills, costs and creates suffering. The late President Leonor Gabarain left us with an almost accomplished mission after the vote of the European Parliament against the summertime arrangements in February 2018. There is nevertheless still a road that is not fully drawn to get us out of the current harm. Laetitia is aware of this and asks the ACHED members to maintain confidence but also to provide an important effort with her.

Laetitia also hopes to inform and rally new publics, curious, informed, responsible and interested by the challenges of the summertime system. ACHED was among the associations that called for and supported the March for the climate of 8 September and is calling again for the new March on October 13th. And since the arrival of Laetitia, the association has opened a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ACHEDFR and a twitter account @achedfr. These are good additions to the blog www.reformonslheurelegale.fr and the press information website www.heure-ete.net already in place for several years.